Nanda Millar Co. was founded in 1965 and has established itself as one of the stalwarts in the Indian mining and piping industry. The journey for Nanda Millar Company has been one of progressive excellence in providing state-of-the-art solutions to the engineering industry. From a fledgling 1965 to a force to be reckoned with, today, NMC has made the wheel turn with sheer grit, determination, zeal, confidence, quality control and perseverance.

NMC provides customers with innovative, reliable piping systems solutions for multiple applications and markets.

NMC has an up-to-date office equipped with a modern communication facility in Kolkata, India. NMC works closely with facility owners, engineers, designers and contractors for the installation of systems.

NMC piping systems are used in multiple applications from Industrial process and utility piping; Residential and commercial fire protection systems; oil industry; coal and mineral mining operations; and water and wastewater plants and facilities.

At NMC, we listen to our customers and based on their feedback we provide practical solutions to system installation challenges.

Every stage of production at NMC passes through the most stringent quality control checks. After several levels of in-house inspection, the products are stamped with the approval seal.

NMC boasts of certifications and felicitations ranging from DGMS approval to ISI license. The ISO 9001:2008 accreditation has been awarded by Moody International.

There is a long-term mission for NMC… to carve higher echelons of success in their related field of expertise; taking the pipe and related engineering products to the next level of superiority.

The most important idea is to carry forward the legacy of more than five decades and the goodwill that is synonymous with the unfailing quality of NMC, every time.