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  • Safety Hook

    'NMC' Safety Hook operation and detaches the Cage or skips from the winding rope in the event of an over wind.

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  • Clivy Hook

    ROPE SUSPENSION EQUIPMENT ‘NMC’ Equipment for the suspension fo Sinking Gear conforms to D.G.M.S.

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  • 2 Point Tell-Tale

    2 Point Tell-Tale for dry hole pic & two line matter

  • Auto Warning Tell-Tale

    Model-AWTT-O1 INTRODUCTION AWTTis primarily used in depillaring area.

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  • Bore Hole Micrometer


  • Dismantling Joint

    NMC Dismantling Joint is a double flanged fitting that allows longitudinal adjustments in flanged pipe systems.

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  • Mechanical Coupling


  • Pipe Repair Clamp


"NMC" Compression Fittings

Permanently Tight, Flexible Joints on Steel Pipe Copper Tubing in less than a minute !

Wherever they are used - on original NMC equipment. for appliance hookups, for small diameter piping in factories, homes and on ships NMC Compression Fittings offer the simplest possible means for joining pipe. There is no exact pipe fitting required, no threading of pipe ends, no grooving, no soldering, no flaring, no caulking. NMC Fittings are factory - assembled you Simply slip them over the plain pipe ends and tighten the nuts-the specially compounded NMC Gaskets make a permanent, flexible - tight seal. Their unique flexibility permits 1.5mm pipe movement as well as pipe deflection to 6 Their neat appearance and compactness make them acceptable for virtually all uses. ALL NMC fittings are precision made of rugged materials, and tested to withstand prescribed conditions of service. For really time - saving labour - saving couplings end fittings, specify NMC Compression Fittings In the 30 seconds or less it takes to make the first connection, you will be convinced of their superior value.

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Installation & Assembly of "GE" Flange Adapter

1. APPLY 'GE'-FLANGE : Open 'GE'. Flange fully and place hinged flange around the 431,01:Ned pipe and with the circular key section locating into the groove.
The 'Uncle cavity to receive the gasket must lace the pipe end_
Do not remove the permanent hinge for any reason
      2. INSERT FLANGE BOLT : Insert a standard flange bolt through the mating holes of the NMC-Flange to secure the flange firmly in the groove

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Installation & Assembly of "GE" Coupling

  1. Ring, housing and  bolts, ready for assembly  -a spanner is  the only tool  needed.     2. Thoroughly lubricate Inside and outside of rubber ring with Vegetable based lubricant. This avoids pinching or nipping of the ring. Recommend use of ‘NMC’ Lubricant.

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