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  • Safety Hook

    'NMC' Safety Hook operation and detaches the Cage or skips from the winding rope in the event of an over wind.

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  • Clivy Hook

    ROPE SUSPENSION EQUIPMENT ‘NMC’ Equipment for the suspension fo Sinking Gear conforms to D.G.M.S.

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  • 2 Point Tell-Tale

    2 Point Tell-Tale for dry hole pic & two line matter

  • Auto Warning Tell-Tale

    Model-AWTT-O1 INTRODUCTION AWTTis primarily used in depillaring area.

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  • Bore Hole Micrometer


  • Dismantling Joint

    NMC Dismantling Joint is a double flanged fitting that allows longitudinal adjustments in flanged pipe systems.

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  • Mechanical Coupling


  • Pipe Repair Clamp


Short Encapsulation Testing Machine 30 T Capacity.


2nd generation rock bolt tester DGMS Circular No. S&T/Tech. Circular (approval) No. 03 of 22,09.2010 has advised industry to adopt short encapsulation Test where resin bolting is practiced. NMC has developed Short Encapsulation Testing Machine to meet industry requirement. 

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